This website is one facet of Michael N Meyer’s online presence. Its focus is on his digital and electronic process based art practice. Photography remains the foundation Meyer’s work, though it is has come to be informed by and to wend through video(synthesis), field recording, conceptual art, and electronics. Other facets of his practice are presented on various other websites, links to which can be found on the Bio page of this website. 

The work is presented in primary form as well as through documentation of Meyer’s creative process and documentation of exhibit installations. Following the landing panel, work extends rightward in a reverse semi-chronological fashion, e.g. the newest work is left-most, and one scrolls right backwards through Meyer’s creative progression. Some older works are placed outside of this chronological progression in order to inform or situate newer works. 

This site is built with HTML5 and CSS3. It has been tested on Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari web browsers in the desktop setting using keyboard, touchpad, mouse, and trackball devices for navigation. It is not compatible with mobile devices. A hack is being worked out to redirect mobile browsers to a simplified site. 

This website is simple, but simplicity generates its own layers of complexity. The website is centered on a single horizontally scrolling main landing page. All primary content is on this page. Links from the Artist Statement panel will launch secondary pages in new tabs or new browser windows. 

The page scroll can be controlled using touch gestures on a laptop’s touchpad (an up/down scroll gesture is best; beware that the left/right scroll gestures for the site interface overlaps with the page back gesture for the browser interface), using the scroll wheel on a mouse or trackball, or by clicking and dragging the bottom scrollbar of the browser window. 

Clicking on most images will bring up a larger image. The two images may, or may not, match. 

In order to streamline the surface level interaction on the website, text has been kept to a minimum. Title and additional information about individual works/images is provided in alt text—mousing over an image will bring up this text. If one wishes to delve deeper, project descriptions, project specific artist statements, and an extended general artist statement can be found in the site’s .html file. Using a browser’s “view source” tool will give access to this information should one want it. 

This site will continue to evolve as new work is produced. 

Authors and acknowledgment
All work on this website was produced by Michael N Meyer. The design is adapted from the Ethereal template created by 

No license of any kind is granted to users of this website. All work is copyright Michael N Meyer. All rights are reserved. 

Project status
Tenuous. Always.
image of second page of typewritten readme; full text in alt text of first page.

All contents copyright Michael N Meyer; all rights reserved.