Michael N. Meyer:

observation • process • image

Artist Statement

As imaging systems have become tightly entwined with our lives, I consider it a political question as to whether this network of technological vision expands our presence in the world or diminishes it. Paring my tools to a level of fundamental function and pushing them to a point of glitched distortion is a means of shining metaphorical light on the manner in which processes of observation warp social and political structures.

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Input Output Machine, 2021, an electronic sculpture installed at Kunstraum as part of its Member's Residency program. 2021
Flipping through images while editing for this website, my computer and/or Bridge glitched and began spitting out weird duplicated preview images; I recorded the screen as a video capture; this is one frame from the video.
business card with contact info for Michael N Meyer: phone 917 570 9649, email m@mnm.work